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Herr D

Robin Williams, thank you for fighting off the cold, gray fingers for as long as you did. Hairy assured me that right about the right time, “a filament within the Swift-Tuttle phenomenon glowed with a kindly and absurd reverse Doppler Shift” which I tried to depict below. I don’t know what that means, really, but I imagine Robin Williams would be proud at the thought that he caused the universe to fart in color as he left. I can just picture him again blurting out: “Oi! Does it feel good to get out of there!” in a brief reprise of ‘Genie.’
You will be sorely missed, man.
Thank you to Hairy for coming back and airing it quickly. I still don’t know what that ‘photonic counterintuitive’ part of the absurd reverse Doppler Shift really means or how the ambience looked kindly, but I did need to hear something like that at the time. Thank you to RobM for the work on the starfield. It made a fantastic base tilted just 4 degrees.