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Herr D

Please let me know if you find the original of this; I promised someone I’d try, but I can’t seem to find it to give them credit. This is an approximation of a clipping of uncertain age.
“The inventor’s guild’s exclusive nightclub has three requirements before it will consider you for membership.”
“Those being?”
“First, you must invent a means, without any climbing, to board the nightclub.”
“Second, you must prove that it requires no more than one assistant to operate.”
“Begging your pardon sir–did you say–“
“Third, you must bring an ineligible guest with you on your first visit and safely depart with them.”
“Safely. Errrr-yes, quite. . . “
“Any other questions? The Top Hat Brass should be arriving here soon.”
” . . . “
She SAID one side was longer than the other . . .
Too many people are ready to assume the worst when you’re chasing a pretty woman with a sharp implement. It really was going to be “Just An Enthusiastic Trim.”

We’ll call this one a ‘cooperative’ piece–AHEM!
“She didn’t have a hero name till today. We knew she had the dexterity to twirl a lasso and the aim to rope something. We even knew she had super-strength. We DIDN’T know she gets confused between her right and left–“
“. . . She threw him for a loop.”
“How did she confuse him?”
“No, doc, she THREW HIM FOR A LOOP. That’s why he has a minor concussion.”

“–OH-HHHH . . . “
“So we call her ‘Hurly’ now.”