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Herr D

Thanx, J!

Identity theft and vehicle identification fraud can lead to being ‘misprofiled.’

It can also lead to unpleasantness.
At an art gallery downtown, occasionally there is a break-in. All the would-be art thieves or vandals die of odd wounds and paralytic neurotoxin before security can ever reach them. “The Jellyfish” once left a note to one of the older security guards, claiming that his “translucency suit had a fault and the welts on the miscreants would stink more.” The tone of the note was apologetic. Staff have been rotated twice without a noticeable change in the vigilante’s actions.

The footage hasn’t been much help either.
Some things are much more scary by comparison . . .
I was just going to make this for Hairy, but he said I should post it here too:
A satirical, if not political, cartoon.
Creeping out people sometimes requires special installation of the right mask.
Supposedly the hoop skirt was popularized to help hide a noblewoman’s TAIL.