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Herr D

Surprise! I got hooked on another name from the random list–that never happens.

When the manor was broken into and the lord killed, Scotland Yard WAS immediately dispatched. When they arrived, the butler showed them something horrifying. Lady Harrington had apparently been kidnapped, as well. She had been trying to catalog the stolen antiques. (Beekeepers gear, ninja tabi, and irons.) Apparently, before the investigation had even begun, an unknown vigilante broke into an illegal exporting operation, concussed several suspects, and bludgeoned to death the leader of the illegal operation after subjecting him to numerous serious steam burns. The man, during interrogation, hand-wrote his confession for ordering the break-in along with an apology. Lady Harrington was found, apparently just having been released by the vigilante, in a disoriented state. The missing antiques were not recovered, and the recently dubbed, “Iron Assassin” has not been discovered despite being photographed just once by the assassinated fence.