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Herr D

@Stulte: Wow. Thanx, Stulte. Occasionally my ‘portmanteau’ words baffle native Americans too, though.
You like the Bard? Iambic pentameter isn’t so natural for me as variable tetrameter. Like:

I literally have been a pro at prose.
An artist sees stars when he blows his nose.
He mimics them in blacks and whites,
And shows their color through words he writes.

I know most people will say that a handicap is when someone can’t do something as well. I happen to know that doing things well enough to inspire jealousy can be very unpleasant when one has the wrong ‘social handicap’ (too slow to read the signs of jealousy coming.) For example, imagine two men meeting in a public place too loud to speak and be heard. They begin to interact quietly and in a friendly manner. The instant one of them begins to speak, however, things go very, very wrong.
I titled this picture “Ch-” for the sound spoken.