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Undead is a category that I’ve never had enthusiasm for. Hum- um . . . most people I’ve known are trouble enough while they’re alive. I mean really–imagine how much pollution a creature could cause being around for centuries? And the contagion angle? Colds are bad enough. I’m sorry if this bothers anyone, but my personal beliefs are that angels are sent here to work (bad commute,) and nothing else has the right to be here in the category of supernatural. At best demons would be gate-crashers and undeserved by everyone still here, even those malicious enough to invite them on purpose. That’s why I avoid commenting on pictures of demons or other pure-evil creatures and most supernaturals. They get enough press.

The draugrs do interest me as lore, however. Not as widely known, they strike me as somewhat of a potentially neutral, unpredictable oddity. (Perhaps more artists should focus on them?) Particularly my darkly romantic side is drawn to the idea depicted here. being on a fishing boat, and you see by moonlight a fisherman repeatedly heaving a net and drawing it in. He’s not catching much, but he’s obviously very strong and capable. The clouds clear a bit, and you see that the fisherman has no head, and is floating in half a boat. Most of us have to go through too much of our lives without enough guidance or wisdom or knowing our own minds, trying to stay afloat despite never having everything that we think we need, trying to do our work or our best despite the fact that everything we are ever taught is at best incomplete and at worst absurdly wrong. This sea-draugr is a metaphor for all of us.

Voted for this one on the blog. Evocative and creepy.