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Herr D

Six parsecs from the industrial center of the Hairbrush Nebula, there’s this star, ‘T34.’ It has a single gas giant with about fifty moons. On one of those moons, I forget the name, Universal Biologic did a bit on a dangerous species.
I can’t remember the name of the mottled, soft-shelled aquatic creature. It’s got certain aspects of insect, lobster, lizard, and mammal. The really dangerous bit is the combination of aerating hypnosuggestibility pheromones, self-sacrificial behaviors, and poisonous innards. Yeah. The least healthy of them stay at the edges of their groups, smell good to eat, start and lose fights with potential predators. Fatigued by fighting and killing, the winner of the fight experiences a form of the ‘munchies’ and dies when they eat the loser. Tourists are encouraged to only go outside just after eating a buffet and only on the patrolled beaches. Shown here is one of them with a standard marker I tossed in the sand. I think they’re about 3.1cm to a side. Not my best shot, but the light was uneven and I had some oxygen narcosis. Always double-check your rebreather settings.
 photo Shelly_zps6b8a2967.png
Come to think of it, they also use those tentacular eyelashes to help push food into the mouth. There’s some species of frog on Earth that uses their optic muscles to push food down the throat–so amphibian belongs in that list too, right?