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Herr D

@JR19759 said:

I looked at that picture and immediately smirked at the attention to detail you’ve included on her armpit. Most other people wouldn’t have done that, so not bad. Plus I like the background as well.

Thanx! I almost scrubbed that whole pic to start again because something peculiar happened. I accidentally called a foot item before selecting ‘multiple.’ Suddenly almost every item layer transposed from top to bottom and bottom to top. I had to remake the customized parts and click the background pieces downwards and try to reestablish the order of layers, mostly by reversal.

The background was only complicated because of the vines. The armpit hair, believe it or not, was two pieces. A covering insignia and the squid body from monsters at a few percent. I consider myself informed about armpits because I lived for a while in the armpit of the south.