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Herr D

@Virtue said:

you have a very unique gallery! keep up the good work Thank you. I’ve peeked at yours too–you and Delirious Al concoct most of my favorite combos.

Meta-notes: When I add *xx at the beginning or end of an entry, xx is an abbreviation for which contest it’s entered in. If there is no abbreviation, then it’s on MY blog. At some point several of my links may go down one at a time, as I am rearranging my Photobucket account. I plan on eventually adding more Blue Moan episodes to the same post entry the first two are in, and I am separately working on coming posts for a pictorial representation of a piece that started life as a Poetry Slam entry and more pics for Zephyr before I get back to finish writing it. These things, as well as being Mr. Mom and unemployed and trying to GET employed are taking me away from doing as much here as I’d like. I hope to be employed in time to properly celebrate my 2000th thread view. Here’s hopin’!