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Herr D

@Mad Jack said:

Yeah – those kitschy figures of animals really are repulsive! … *wait* … Wasn’t that what you meant? Oo Not quite–on a related note, unclassified radiation CAN have unpredictable results on human skin.


“Georgia Miller?”
“Your Art Final is about to begin.”
“Yes, I know that. What I don’t know is where it’s being held. Could you–?”
“Your exam will be here with me. Your professor was in a traffic accident this morning, and I’ve been put in charge of it.”
“Oh. Is he all right?”
“I haven’t been told. But the office will know by 2:00 this afternoon if you check in. Now. I have procured a different room for each student to take their exam and locked them in to make sure there is no cheating. There will be paper and a flashlight on your desk to signal me in the hallway if you finish early. You will have two hours to recreate as much of the Mona Lisa as you can. Here are your art supplies–“
“Uhhhh-hhhhh–” [thud]