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Herr D

No one is sure how or why it first happened, but Gray Bob appears randomly at crises and blunders his way to help when he can. He told his sometimes photographer, Robert Grace, that he believes he is “only here to help, and can therefore, only appear when help is needed.” He explained to Ellen Grace, Robert’s wife, that his powers are mental and that he can only fly like Dumbo, when holding a feather. He apologized to

[name withheld by parental request] for “flying higgledy-piggledy,” explaining that he was personally taught to fly by a balloon someone had let go and that that should explain the “rude noises” as well.

He says that he can’t unlearn a lesson or remember what he looks like when he’s human. Hopefully the city’s insurance premiums don’t go up too high . . .

*flying blog contest