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Herr D

That new store opened at the mall? Blundered around first. They sold these little tack hammers labeled “slipper breakers” and old style poison rings and wrought iron cauldrons, can you imagine? Then the owner got rid of all that junk, put what looks like maybe a wireless flat-screen t.v. on display and started selling the weirdest clothes you’ve ever seen, pretending he was stuck inside a mirror the whole time. Stupid, right?
Wrong. Every morning as they open he has this runway show where these beautiful models no one recognizes parade around his store wearing his most bizarre stuff. Guys come to look and women actually buy some of it.
Yeah, it’s a racket. I’ve been trying to meet him, but the owner of Mirror Inc. apparently never visits the store–he must have that custom oval flatscreen teched up to go real-time and transmits from somewhere else? No one’s ever met him–of course, we can’t seem to find records of him or any of his models, either . . .