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Herr D

After the historic massacre of the visiting scientists in Cuba, the wrecked and neglected labs allowed such migrations as the Lace Dragons. Eastern Lace Dragons got a lot of attention because their eyes were thicker than their skulls were wide and all three of their eyes could rotate to look out either side of their faces. Debates about their origins and whether to exterminate them went on unusually long. Scientists agreed they were a product of a lab but couldn’t agree whether they were developed to consume toxic waste or learn how to survive septic shock. Both schools of thought were believable, as their wings were made of practically bare bone covered with basically a kite made of dried septic mucus and they had a taste for embalming fluid. It got to the point where funeral directors in Florida had to employ shooters.

Of course, they were fast enough to dodge bullets from twenty feet away, but they could only spit their acid venom about twelve feet. Lower-caliber Glazier rounds were usually the most successful for the money and inherent safety issues. *OPMC