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Herr D

**psy ct

Excerpts of Field Report GHDT345225-8375

Insurgents had prevented my return to base, so I proceeded with all due stealth in pursuit of remaining target. I was out of water and dangerously low on ammunition (one full clip,) when I saw the target taken by a small man, Caucasian, brown hair, using a taser from behind. The street was full of unfriendlies, so I kept my position. The locals gave him a wide berth out of obvious fear. The abductor used an engine lift to get my target into the back of a pickup truck and drove away.
At sunset, I abducted a witness and questioned him, finding him surprisingly helpful. Apparently the locals refer to him as ‘the Nazi,’ and they have observed him for nearly a year. He abducts people of mixed ethnicity and takes them to a compound on the edge of the village. They leave him alone. My informant drew me a detailed map and begged me to not reveal his identity should ‘the Nazi’ take me.
The following morning I reached the location to discover same pickup truck under wreckage of a low wall. I fully expected my target to be responsible but saw no sign of ‘the Nazi’ or my target. Infrared detected two bogies inside, barely moving. After cursory recon and prep, I entered.
Two men of mixed ethnicity were attempting to free themselves from leg manacles chained to the wall. They were wearing rags and peculiar hardware around the neck. They had managed to turn on an air conditioner across the room by throwing wrenches from a spilled toolbox. They explained to me that they lived a few villages away, that ‘the Nazi’ had taken them, and that he had tested them in a peculiar way.
‘The Nazi’ rigged three long shelves full of modified machine guns. A device randomly pointed and fired the arsenal at the opposite wall, which still had targets painted on it from a previous owner. Their restraints were wired with anti-tampering explosives and remote unlocking mechanisms which would release them for testing. The two men were tested with rubber bullets and showed me extensive bruising. They spoke of my target having failed a live ammunition test the night before. Then they asked about a woman.
They pointed out a third set of manacles, explaining that ‘the Nazi’ had forced her at gunpoint to clean up the testing room, that he had hit her, that he had tested her with live ammunition. They believed she had somehow escaped and that the abductor had left in pursuit. I did not understand at the time, the word ‘precognition’ in their dialect, but recognized it later with the help of a translator.
I found my target’s body just where the men told me it should be. I recovered ‘part one’ of the “package,” still in his pocket. The testing room was just as described, and a similar set of neck hardware and cuffs was on the floor. I took two modified machine guns loose from their mechanisms, twelve live clips, and wired the room. The men revealed a pantry with two cases of purified water, canned sardines and soup, cheese, multivitamins, and fresh goat. I cooked the goat and split it with the men while I examined their neck hardware. With forty hours to spare before my next possible extraction, I removed backup batteries from their neck hardware and left them with tools to remove the rest after the primaries failed. They explained to me that they believed her backup battery had failed right before the test and thanked me for leaving most of the supplies within their reach. I believe I heard them detonate the testing room after I left town.
Recap: a small Caucasian man, brown hair, brown eyes, and a woman of mixed ethnicity, brown hair, green eyes are wanted as persons of interest. One of them is probably in possession of a small package of great importance to the CIA. The man is known only as ‘the Nazi,’ is armed and dangerous, and is apparently obsessed with psychic research. The only other information we have about the woman is that she apparently survived a precognition test and escaped ‘the Nazi.’