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Herr D

Really, the warranty sometimes means everything. This suit is the best of the best. Microporous polymerized vinyllulose outer layers with a framework of nanite regeneratable coral means a realistic texture and ordinary range of motion. It could be accessorized for thermal regulation or strengthened or even given ‘blood packs,’ but, in my experience, you should always avoid damaging it to avoid detection.
Here, the fasteners failed (wardrobe malfunction) because of a mugger. Baseball bats will always be legal in the United States.
But I’m fine–I just pulled my limb out when the mugger swung and gave him a look at me instead of my wallet. He’s being treated for some sort of psychotic break in the county facility. The ‘Earth Dweller Growth-Analogue Repository Suits’ have a much catchier name in the original Gluppalubbian.

**suit contest