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Herr D

A U.N. diplomat was meeting in secret with an extraterrestrial to establish a friendly first contact when the Blue Band Of Ruffians and the Tandroids attacked a nearby city. The alien asked the diplomat what measures would be taken. The diplomat tried to be offhanded, saying that [things] “would all be better” [if] “that baleful lot were caught up in a purple haze because some hero emerged to handle them.” The alien said simply, “I accept your terms.”
The alien demonstrated her misunderstanding aptly. She blanked the memory of the entire security contingent for the day, then blanked the diplomat’s memory of all but those words. With a secret identity in place, the alien arrived on the scene wearing a superhero costume and proceeded to “bale up the lot in purple hays.” No one bothered to correct the alien’s grammar. No one has been able to duplicate the purple proto-matter fibers that she uses. Now known as ‘Purple Hays,’ this new alien superhero alternately emerges to handle various random crises and reposes aboard her mother ship in low orbit.
World leaders have privately agreed to leave this matter to the U.N., since only criminals have ever been affected. The U.N. has been debating what to do about this ‘situation’ for three months. They have not agreed to speak to the press.