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Herr D

**Well, that’s it for the chesspieces. Now back to your regularly scheduled insanity. **OPMC

The head of maintenance for Taurus’ Slots Of Smiles Division is generally a very happy man. Taurus slot machines are the most maintenance free in the industry, including from Vegas. Usually when they are shipped back for unfixable problems, he comes in the next day to discover that the casings are loose. Just loose. He re-fastens them and ships them out. His salary pays him enough to work full-time but he just never needs to. The one thing on his mind is that he can never find the fur neck pillow the CEO gave him. Blue and green animal stripes. Ugly pillow, but it was good for napping in his chair.
Really, he needs to find that pillow before the CEO visits next week. Where IS it?!