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Herr D

Very few people know that NASA helped bring down a couple of broken broadcast satellites in the early ‘eighties. Even fewer people know that the space junk, after being checked over with Geiger counters and ownership and purpose verified, was scrapped in New Mexico. Even fewer people would know that some of it was purchased by a research facility with a questionable record of safety and results. Exactly ONE person is alive who knows which lot of space junk was purchased, ripped apart, and discovered to have an odd-looking plant growing on it. He booked a flight to Argentina before he could be detained.
All ten men and both women in the building and one coroner’s assistant dissolved before autopsy. All evidence of the bloom but this still taken from a camcorder is missing. Etched into the concrete by some unknown powerful acid was the following message:

Hibernation over. I north.

Park rangers in the mountains to the north of said facility have noticed the animal population is dropping.