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Herr D

If I could believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster, I’d mean it even more when I say “use your noodle.”

Speaking of faith, I REALLY like the idea of innocence defeating evil.

It had to be pink. Pink was what did in the Big Bad. There was a horrible screeching wail, one terrifying word audible within it–
“Sweet!” And the ancient line died forever of the equivalent of innecrodiabetic shock!

. . . because innocence should always triumph over evil. Take THAT, Twilight lovers!

**Editor’s note: The FSM was for the deity contest and ‘BelleAlaLugosi’ was for a coloration contest. I lost the hand on the hat, probably put the wrong one back while shading her underarm, doubled the hair to mix the color a bit, and, of course, added her two new ‘features’ that will fade and ash with a hint of the odor of taffeta and pure soap on a spring breeze.