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Herr D

CFL scrapbook page:

to complete the set, this is–
Tebby, the stuffed animal that scared a group of explorers. Technically, the thought of the young one that owned a stuffie bigger than the whole party caused the fear, but–

Draga’s villainous Mother’s Day bouquet (heads of 6 heroes and 1 mayor) complete with the classic self-portrait.

Venom Clan Shield, where I experimented with digitally distressing metal–needs more. Dimpling didn’t work.
But my work in metal shop and my experience chopping trees with an axe came in handy. . .
This is a . . . comic book hero. [checks self for fever] I’m okay–there’s another story coming.

Besides a couple of items in the Custom archive and a billboard entry in HK’s contest, these are all the pix I’ve recovered. Be sure to check out my fiction in the forums. This CFL multipack will continue to bring more ‘je ne c’quoi’s ASAU-EP.