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Herr D

*The above was for the Manga Archer Challenge. The next one was for the Tiles Challenge. Next block will be the Coin Challenge, to finish out the 5th page.

I actually won this one. Doesn’t happen often.
I’ve always favored the modules that are open enough to allow multiple solutions and reward creative thinking.
–Sure, you could pull the curtain and slay the dragon. You could try to poison the living pit.
But what if you tiptoed in and pulled a fast one? If you didn’t wake the dragon, and found the ‘pointless’ cracks in the walls, other solutions come to mind.
Maybe a party member or two could shrink down and roll the coins out the back way? Maybe somebody has a spirit familiar or other such thing that can travel a passage a quarter-inch thick? Maybe the living pit’s tongue could be induced, by flooding something through the crack, or by hypnotism or something, to ‘save’ the gold by passing it across? Or to cram it in the crack, widening at least that end?