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  • Scarlet
  • It was late when I got home and Andrew was working late again. “Working late” is his way of saying I’m going out to cheat on you with my secretary. I always acted naive about him coming home late smelling of perfume, and lipstick on his collar. But the problem at the moment wasn’t his cheating; it was that I couldn’t get Nightmare’s words out of my head. Was he right? Would they be coming after my family and me? Or was his old age finally catching up to him? I didn’t know. All I knew was that Helen was asleep and I needed a coffee. Walking down the hallway I looked at the pictures of my family, as they lead me into the kitchen. I looked at the coffee maker on the counter and the cold coffee in it. Sighing I was about to turn on the pot to heat up the coffee when I paused. I looked at my hands and remembered the old days when I used her powers for anything I wanted. Now it was all a secret. I began to reminisce about the first day I joined the guild of justice.

    I was seventeen and began learning how to control the powers I had. We all met each other in the city centre and began fighting. Stretch wrapped himself around the army of doppelgangers that the Black Hornet had formed with his technology, in an attempt to stop them from growing larger. At that moment I was shooting red energy at Mr. Invincible in an attempt to hurt him, it was a futile attempt though. The fight broke out because we didn’t know who each other were and back then people could trust very little costumed individuals. As a result we assumed that each of us was a super villain and didn’t want to wait to see what was going to happen if we let our guard down. The fighting stopped when a smoke pellet hit the ground and exploded. We all stopped and looked to where it came from. It was the Nightmare standing on a fire escape, looking down at us aiming his gun. He said we all looked foolish and revealed that each of us was a superhero and not a villain. That day we all agreed to become a team, a team that would protect the people of this fine city and country if need be, to make the result of a better place for everyone. I think of that day now as I turn thirty-seven and wonder what if we stopped the military uprising? Would the country be in the bad situation it is in?

    I looked to my left and looked to my right. Smiling, I lifted the pot up and put the bottom of it on my hand. I let the energy flow through my body and suddenly my hand illuminated and the coffee began to boil. After ten years of retirement I still got it. Pouring the coffee into the cup I began sipping it. The sad thing was that heating that pot of coffee was the height of excitement I have had in a long time. The coffee tasted stale in my mouth, but I didn’t care. It seemed fitting for me to be sucking on stale coffee, after the day I’ve had. Nightmare was still in my head, how I could even consider going back to being a hero. I’m a mother now and married to someone. Granted that someone is a pencil neck, cheating, vain, piece of slime that would sooner turn me in to the cops for being a vigilante than lay next to me in bed. Leaning against the kitchen counter I looked out the open window at the moonlight. Wondering if I was kidding myself about trying to live a normal life, I stared at the pale moon in the sky. Then as I let my mind wonder, something struck me. I didn’t open this window.

    Quickly I ran to Helens room, hoping that they hadn’t got to her before I did. My heart was racing as I got closer and closer to her room. I prayed that she would be in bed asleep and I was only being paranoid. I slowly opened the door and saw my daughters sleeping shape in the bed. Breathing in relief I leaned against the door and I began to laugh a little.
    “I must be going out of my mind” I said as I took another look at my daughter
    I walked over to her and put my hand on her shoulder. The quilt was covering her whole body so I decided to talk to her hoping she wouldn’t wake up.
    “Honey I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I can’t escape the life I had before I met your farther. But if we are lucky maybe his genes were more dominant than mine and you will have a normal life. It’s not like I asked for this, but at the same time I am grateful for it.” I said as I put my hand on her shoulder and rolled her over.

    To my shock it wasn’t my daughter in the bed, it was a mannequin with a wig. As I stood up in shock, I felt hands around my neck. Their grip began to tighten around my throat, I felt my body reacting the only way it could. It lit up like a fire cracker. My cloths burned off my body and my attacker stepped back. I dropped to the ground naked but ready to fight off this son of a bitch. He struck at me and missed. Apparently he wasn’t very familiar with choking someone who could turn their whole body into a red fiery torch. It wasn’t long before I had him backed into a corner.
    “Where is my daughter?!!?!” I said screaming at him, my whole body a raging red flame.
    “She’s strapped to the bomb in the garage” He said smiling, then foam started erupting from his mouth.
    I ran to the garage and saw my little girl strapped to the bomb. She wasn’t screaming but she was breathing. They drugged her. I ran over to her and saw the bomb was ticking away. Untying my daughter and putting her on the ground I picked up the bomb.

    Running outside with it I looked for somewhere to get rid of it. I quickly saw the sea and began running towards it. The sand felt strange between my toes as I ran naked on the beach. I was almost there when I felt a sharp object pierce my leg. I tripped and saw the bomb skid only to the edge of the ocean. If it blows up now I’m going to go with it. As this thought crossed my mind a women’s high heal landed in front of my eyes. Looking up I saw a woman around ten years younger than me with blades in her hand.
    “So this is my target. Big deal what can you do? I would have preferred the yellow gas mask dude. Well let’s get this over with shall we?” She said as she lifted her knifes up.
    I quickly blasted her back with a fire bolt. Getting up off the ground, I gripped my wound and burned it shut to stop the bleeding. I screamed in agony but ran towards the bomb. Picking it up, I threw it as hard as I could into the ocean. As I let go of the bomb I was pounced on by the mysterious assailant. My body hit the sand on the beach hard as the woman mounted me like a wild animal.
    “You have fight in you! I love that crap!!” She kissed me as she finished her sentence.
    “I do love to give my victims a kiss before dying.” She said as she lifted the knife up.
    “I’ll see you in hell” I screamed as my whole body turned into flame and set her on fire.
    She began screaming and running around. I added to the flame by shooting more bolts at her. She wasn’t dead but she wasn’t going to get up anytime soon.
    “Who sent you?” I asked the burned woman.
    “You think he would let me live if I told you?” She said as she started to laugh
    She pulled out a knife and before I could stop her had slit her own throat. I decided to run back to Helen only to find her farther, holding her staring at me. Walking slowly over to them I didn’t know what I was going to say. Then again, I think he would be more interested in the fact that his wife was naked on the beach.
    “What are you Scarlet?” Andrew said as if he cared.
    “A super hero. I’m a damn superhero Andrew. Or at least I was before I met you.” I said to my husband and daughter rather proudly.
    “You’re a……Super hero?” He said sounding like an idiot.
    “Yes. Now get Helen out of here and hide for a while. The drugs they used on her will wear off in about 4 hours. Go to your girlfriend’s house or something.” I said as I walked past him.
    “What the hell are you gonna do? What if I tell someone who you are?! Then what hmm?” He shouted trying to sound threatening.
    “I’m going to go avenge a friend and keep my daughter safe. And if you tell anyone about who I am, these people will find you. Kill you, your girlfriend and our daughter. And it will be your entire fault.” I said to my coward of a husband
    “The divorce will be settled after this is over.” I said digging up the box I buried years ago.
    “Scarlet, I’m sorry I hurt you.” He said as he walked towards the car.
    Putting on the outfit I felt like a burden had been taken off my chest as the car drove away. The mask felt as perfect as it did ten years ago and fit like a glove. I had no time to waste Nightmare was right and he was waiting I just hope the others find out this fact before it’s too late