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I sat in my apartment and drank scotch, while listening to the songs of artists long since dead. Sometimes the alcohol would help me forget, and sometimes it just made things worse. Here I was “Justice’s” Shield drinking away my sadness as I slowly died. This wasn’t going to be one of those times when the scotch would help. I sighed and turning off the music, I switched on the T.V to the news and left my living room to enter the kitchen. Marcy would be here later and I had to cook something. The news was loud in the background as I examined the ingredients.
“And so Marks the fourth day since Morpheus Crowley has been missing.” The female voice said from the living room.
Mr Crowley was last seen leaving work a week ago by his co-workers at the Cryo-stasis prison where he is the head doctor.” She continued as I began slicing vegetables.
“Along with the disappearance of Mr Crowley, Four prisoner cubes have also gone missing.” This piece of information stopped me in my tracks.
Did she just say four prisoner cubes had gone missing? I ran into the living room and saw the picture of a balding man who looked like he was happiest when everyone around him was miserable. Turning up the volume on the T.V I waited hoping she was about to give more information on who was in the cryo-cubes.
“No information about the prisoners has yet to be released as to not cause hysteria amongst the people of our fine city. While there is no proof thus far that the two are connected. The police force are searching for anyone with information about these events” She said as I folded my arms and listened carefully to her voice.
“Returning to the top story of this evening. People are still claiming to have seen members of the former League of Superhero’s known as “Justice” around the city. The police have shunned these rumours saying they are nothing at all but wild stories.” The women went on.
“But could this be the return of “Justice”?” She said raising her eyebrow to the camera.
“This has been your Six O clock news. I am Harmony Jones. Good Evening.” The woman finished leaving me fearing the worst of the situation. Why would someone steal four prisoner cubes? It was not knowing who they belonged to that scared me the most. I quickly poured another glass of scotch when I heard a knock on the door.
“Who is it?” I said slowly approaching the door.
“Your date birthday boy!” Marcy said on the other side.

Marcy was smiling as she walked around my apartment but was far too early. She turned to face me and I noticed she was still in her trainer uniform.
“You’re early” I said smiling at her and approaching her.
“I couldn’t wait any longer.” She said smiling at back at me.
“And…I got bad news. I can’t make it later tonight.” She said wrapping her arms around my neck.
“What are you doing?” I asked.
“Surely you’re not that old…I’m going to kiss you” She said teasing me as she pressed her lips against mine.
Her lips tasted of cherry as she kissed me. I smiled as I ran my hands down her body and pulled her closer to me. I felt alive for the first time in a long time. She pulled away smiling at me as if she was very proud of my actions.
“Thank you…” She said softly in a beautiful whisper.
“For what?” I asked looking into her pretty hazel eyes.
“I know who you really are.” She said smiling in a way that scared me.
“What?” I asked breaking away from her quickly. Worry taking over my body.
“I know your Mr Invincible” She said with a confused sad look on her face.
I felt my stomach twist again and I quickly retreated back to my glass of scotch. There was no civil way of saying how much trouble I was in if she was one of the people that nightmare talked about.
“Where did you come up with that accusation?” I said drinking down my glass of scotch.
“I know it’s you. Look…18 years ago. You kind of saved my life. I’ve had the biggest crush on you since.” She said catching my attention.
“Not in the stalker way I mean. I have just always wanted to know you and…Wow I am not helping myself am I?” She said her confidence now gone and what remained was a fan girl.
“How do you know that I am THE Mr Invincible? What if we just look alike?” I asked her wondering if I could trust her at all.
“I am sure you’re him.” She said sounding slightly doubtful.
“I should leave…” She said sounding like she was on the verge of tears.
“Wait Marcy…..” I said stopping her.
I knew I was going to regret this but I suppose I owed it to her for that hell of a kiss. She turned back towards me with tears forming in her eyes.
“Here I owe you this” I said as I picked up the knife from the counter.
Poor girl was terrified at this action. She must have thought I was going to be a Patrick Bateman kind of guy when I picked up the knife. Putting the blade on my wrist I looked over at her.
“No…Please you don’t have to prove you’re not…” She shouted as I slashed the blade alone my wrist.

No blood on the blade or cut in my arm. She looked in shock at me as I put the blade back down. For the first time ever, I had revealed my identity to someone. It felt nice.
“You are him!” She shouted in excitement running towards me.
Leaping up on top of me, I fell back to the ground a twenty-eight year old on top of me furiously kissing me. If this was her method of assassination, I had to admit I enjoyed it.
She began fiddling at my clothes in some kind of an attempt to strip me clumsily. I laughed as she herself began stripping. This was by far the most romantic and funny experience I had ever had, which is probably why I enjoyed it so much. Suddenly a pop song started playing and Marcy stopped. She pulled her phone out of her pocket and put it to her ear.
“Hello?” She said into the phone.
“Busy?” I asked. She quickly put a finger to my lips.
“No! I’m a little busy right now!” She said blowing a kiss at me.
“Common…Have Pamela do it!” She said her expression changing from that of happiness to disappointment.
“Yes I want to keep my job” She said now angry with the caller.
“God damn it ….fine” She exclaimed hanging up.
Looking down at me her face darkened with sadness. A perfect moment ruined by some asshole on the other side of a phone.
“I have to go to work….Can we reschedule?” She said putting on a smile for me.
Feeling disappointed I smiled back at her. Running my hands over her legs I winked at her.
“Sure. When do you get off?” I said watching her as she got up off of me.
“I’ll let you know” She said writing something down and handing it to me. I sat up and took it off her. It was her number.
“Call me” She said as she left my apartment, leaving me with a smile and a number.

After Marcy had cancelled our date, I decided to order some take out and listen to some Sam Cooke for the night. I had called twenty minutes after Marcy had left and ten minutes later I was still waiting around getting drunk on Scotch. Suddenly my phone rang and I answered it.
“Hello?” I said into the phone expecting the good doctor.
“Look outside your window” A static voice said.
“Who is this?” I asked sitting up in my leather seat.
“Are you a betting man?” The voice asked as I stood up.
“Who is this right now or I am hanging up!” I ordered looking around in an attempt to spot them.
“YOU HANG UP AND THAT GIRL YOU WERE WITH EARLIER TONIGHT DIES!” They shouted over the phone causing me to stop looking and obey their orders.
“What do you want?” I asked approaching the window.
“We want you to see what we have done. If you hear us out she will live.” It said as I looked down at the people below.
Below there was flashes of red light and flames spreading below. Police blocked from a bright yellow shield that burned anyone who went near it. I recognised the shield and the blasts. The Red queen, Stretch, Nightmare, And Bullet were below and fighting Toxin and Warhawk! Stretch was on the outside of the shield and Nightmare was trying to find a way inside of it. The stolen convicts must have been former enemies of Justice! I felt fear run through my body for the first time in a long time.
“You see it…The last remnants of a lost age. The forgotten titans of this fine city.” The voice said as my hand shook.
“What do you want from me?” I asked as I stared down at my former comrades.
“I want nothing but I am offering you a job.” the voice said to my surprise.
“I am creating a group to get rid of these nuisances. But I could use another set of hands. You have a choice in front of you sir. I want you to put on your old costume and burn it while you wear it. Being Mr Invincible you won’t feel the pain many others feel.” It said as I continued to stare.
“Why burn it while I wear it?” I asked feeling as if all the pain in my life came to me at once.
“It’s a form of baptism my friend. Baptism By flame.” It said proudly.
I walked towards my bed and opened the bottom of it and saw Mr Invincible staring back at me.
“What’s my other option?” I said as I took my old costume out of hiding.
“Well you could go down there and fight with your comrades. No harm would come to the girl as long as you never go near her again.” It started before I interrupted.
“But you will hunt me down like a dog along with the other former members of Justice correct?” I asked as I slipped on my old tights.
They still fit like they used to. Putting on my bracers I awaited his answer.
“My dear boy…You can’t die. You have tried killing yourself in the past with no affect. Hunting you down would only add to my enjoyment. For you see unlike the rest of the team you can’t die, not even by your own hands. But you will witness all of their deaths one by one.” I stopped as I fastened my belt around my wait.
He was right. I had tried to kill myself. When I found out I had cancer I wanted to end it all. A simple bullet through the brain to end it all. But nothing. The bullet either slid down my throat or dented in my skull. Tears began to form I’m my eyes as I put on my shirt. Standing up I walked towards my balcony.
“And that will be your punishment.” He said as I felt a tear run down my cheek.
Looking at my mask I put it on and looked across to the opposite building.
“Yes perfect….Now grab the lighter I had placed on the table and light up.” He said as I picked up the lighter.
Below I saw that my comrades were losing to the young villains. This of course was no surprise. Toxic was in his early thirties when we caught him and Warhawk was in his 20s. The people he once called allies were below losing to the people they put away so long ago. But how many more would die because of this? If I took this offer I could save more people than if I rejected it. But if I take the offer they die. I lit my arm on fire and heard a clapping from the phone. The fire spread from my arm all over my body. My comrades lay defeated on the ground below. All of them tired and bruised. Nightmare was right. We were being hunted down by some crazed man who knew who we were…..

…..And I hated being screwed with. Rolling over the balcony I fell at great speed towards the huge shield. The flames Making me the brightest thing in the sky and receiving a lot of attention from both the crowd and villains below. My entire body hit the shield with great force sliding through it and burning my body with the Toxic chemicals that made it so dangerous to anyone besides myself.
“Mr Invincible?!” Toxin said as he lowered the shield.
“Who let you out?” I asked angry with my decision.
I couldn’t have just let these idiots die could I? No…I guess I couldn’t.
“Oh my you have gotten old haven’t you? Hasn’t he Warhawk?” Toxin said as he got closer to me.
“Oh he has Toxin.” Warhawk said as he landed.
“I won’t repeat myself.” I said as both men approached me from opposite ends.
“What’s that?” Toxin said raising his hand to his ear in a mocking fashion.
“Speak up old m-aCK!” He choked as I grabbed his throat.
Warhawk nervously fired all he had at me to save his friend. My grip tightened as I spun around and hit Warhawk with the burning toxic skin that coated Toxin. His weapons melted at the contact of Toxins body to his armour. He was now harmless and had nowhere to run.
“What the hell!?” He shouted as he stared in fear at me.
“You said none could touch you man!” He shouted as he backed away from me.
“Oh did he now? He’s right you know! Any normal person would die from touching him.” I said as I squeezed his throat.
“But I AM NOT NORMAL AM I!” I said as I slammed Toxin to the ground.
The rest of the team got up and stared at me as Warhawk backed away in fear.
“I’m giving you this one chance. Run! Never come back. Never let me see you here again or else.” I said and watched as the melted armoured man ran away.