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Once again I would like to thank and congratulate Nobody on winning my contest with his group picture of the Guild Of Justice. I really Liked it and hope you all do to(At least those of you that read this post). Along with this Im gonna post my own little revamp of the Bullet.

My new version of The Bullet is below them. And Now the Final Member of the league of Justice William Humphreys.

I dropped the weights by my side and sat up. I wiped the sweat off my head and noticed the young women staring at me as well as some of the men. Was I that loud counting? I stood up and continued wiping the sweat off my body. I walked over to Marcy, who worked behind the desk of the gym.
“Hey there Old man” She said smiling at me.
“I dont like that Marcy” I said returning her young little smile.
“I know. Thats why I say it” She said leaning back on her chair.
She was wearing a pair of black yoga pants along with a white T-shirt that said Naughty all the time. I remembered in my youth a girl like this would be begging me for my number or a date. Rubbing my beard I looked across the room at some of the younger guys.
“You know…Some of these younger guys are pretty good. Make me look like a rookie.” I said turning back to Marcy smiling.
“Oh please! Half the guys here would kill to have your physic at your age.” Marcy said leaning in across the desk.
“Arent you sweet.” I said blushing at the young woman.
“So what age do I look like?” I asked hoping I looked good for my age.
“42” She said smiling. Whether she meant it or not was irrellavent.
“Thanks” I said taking the compliment.
“No way are you older!” She said eager to hear my age.
“No lets leave it at that please.I dont want you to think Im old.” I said laughing like I would to a date.
“Oh comon. I wont think less of you.”She said smiling at me not letting up.
“Im gonna turn 50 tonight.” I answered.
The big Five-Oh. I am amazed I made it this far. Then again, what was going to stop Mr.Invincible? I smiled to myself thinking of how redundant that name was. It meant I was incapable of being defeated, yet when Lenin Act was past I could do nothing about it. Of course I wasn’t complaining. I was free of everything and anything from my old life.
“Your kidding me! We gotta celebrate!” Marcy said as she shuffled through what I assumed was her address book.
“Wait.You and me? Why?” I said confused at her sudden eagerness to celebrate my birthday.
“Im turning 28 tonight too. We should totally celebrate together.” She said writing something down on a piece of paper.
Was this a date? Or was I imagining things? She handed me a piece of paper and smiled a particular smile I had not seen on a woman in some years.
“Are you sure you wanna…chill..with an old man like me?” I said looking at the number she had given me.
“Comon you dont look that old and Yes Im sure…just be yourself.” she said smiling up at me.
I wrote my address down on a piece of paper and handed it to her.
“In case I forget..Memory and all that…Heres where I live.” I said laughing a little.
She took it and grinned back at me. I winked and walked away to get changed and go home.

I coughed heavily as I entered my apartment building. My phone rang as the receptionist waved to me. I answered in a raspy voice.
“Hello Mr.Humprheys?” The voice on the other line said.
“Speaking *COUGH!*” I said into the phone rubbing my chest.
“This is Dr.Phelps. Calling in regards to your condition.We are wondering if you would reconsider….”
“Look Doctor. I have made my decision. You said it yourself…there was minimal chance that it would work” I interrupted as I began getting uncomfortable at this mans request.
“Sir. Please reconsider. Without chemotherapy you will..”he continued before I cut him off again.
“I know!!DON’T YOU THINK I..”I stopped realising I was getting a lot of attention from my fellow tennant’s.
Calming down I walked outside to continue the call. I felt my gut twist and turn as i pushed the phone back to my ear.
“Hello? Mr. Humprheys?” He said as I took a deep breath.
“Look I…I just want to be alone. Understand? I don’t want to die in a hospital like my mother and father did. I would prefer to die on my terms.” I said lying to my doctor as I hung up my phone.
Of course I wanted my life to be saved. Anyone that would say they were ready to die is a liar in my opinion. None can ever really be ready for death. There is too much uncertainty about what happens. I was raised by the nuns to believe that God would open his arms to me the day I died had I lived a good life, but as I got older more and more doubt’s came to mind. However, like every other obstacle in my life I have decided to face this one head on and accept my faith. It was incredibly ironic. The indestructible man found dead, not by a bullet but by cancer. I cant be saved by anything in this world. Why make my body weak and yet stay invincible? I find the Idea trivial and a waste of my time.
(Due to a hospital appointment I will continue this when I am out and Well. I apologise for this)