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From a low frequency rumble like thunder with a push-back force to concrete shattering sonic booms to brain-melting, high pitch wails, Screamer can do it all! She has even exhibited limited levitation and short-range flight by directing her voice downward and, by utilizing basic physics, riding the opposite reaction. This is of course, limited by how long she sustains her screams. She also has enhanced hearing and has been know to eavesdrop on whispered conversations up to half a mile away. Somehow, her hearing is not effected by her screams, and while she admits she has no idea why, she is not interested in finding out how this works. She is however, very interested in improving her levitation/limited flight and has been studying deep breathing exercises to increase her lung capacity for more sustained screams. She trains her voice vigorously to improve her accuracy because she is constantly afraid of hitting innocent victims with her sonic screams. Screamer and Screamer in closeup with mask.SCREAMER.pngSCREAMER2.png