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Another HM3 redo of a 2.5 hero. You may have heard of soldiers coming back from war with “the thousand yard stare.” Meet Blackshot, The Man With the Thousand Mile Stare. A genetically enhanced super-soldier, Blackshot has vision that may only be rivaled by eagles, hawks and vultures. Trained as a sniper, Blackshot, (real name: classified), volunteered for the enhancements after a friend was killed by sniperfire. His abilities include increased long distance vision and depth perception, infra red vision and heat signature detection as well as night vision greater than any nocturnal hunter found in nature. He also has an uncanny sensitivity to air pressure and changes in the direction and speed of the wind. While he is called the Man With the Thousand Mile Stare, whatever limits, if any to his vision are unknown, because of the challenges to properly testing such an ability. Blackshot has been known to hit perfect bullseyes on targets up to 5 miles away on flat land. He also has increased stamina and can convert body toxins into energy, giving him the ability to function at peak levels for days without eating. He is an excellent hand to hand fighter when necessary and extremely deadly with all forms of firearms. He has increased strength and endurance of above superior Olympic athlete levels. He can press about 1000 pounds. It has been observed on several occasions by people unaware of Blackshot’s abilities that his custom sniper rifle does not have a scope. Original version and HM3 redo.