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@Hammerknight said:

I don’t mind seeing projects done with other programs, just tell us that it is done with other programs. I use to make group shots, and comic covers, I use Window’s paint and the snipping tool to crop things. I have been thinking about doing some backgrounds with other programs to add my HM characters to. Most of all have fun doing your art. All of us here enjoy sharing tips and tricks that help other people out. So feel free to use Photoshop if you want to, just let everyone know that you used it.

Also in the Old UGO Forums people used to post character made with Hero-o-matic and I wouldn’t mind in the slightest if they did so here, though the same rules for posting Heromachine pictures would apply.

Edited to Add: Though only pure unedited Heromachine creations ( except for cropping ) can be entered into the Hero Of the Month competition or any of the other contests on these forums and the blog unless the contest creator states otherwise.