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I know Jeff has these on the Blog, but this will keep you from having to go through 70+ pages. There’s alot more work here than I thought too, luckily I didn’t know that when I started or I wouldn’t have.

Anyways, while compiling, like our friend Harlequin, these brought back some fond memories. My first contest was #3 I, Robot; and then continuing without an honorable mention through the next two, I somehow was lucky enough to win #6 Animalia; since then it’s been hit and miss, with me finally picking up my second win in #34 Adventure.

I think if there was an award for most times you’ve almost won a contest I would be the semi-proud owner. Going out on a limb I think that I almost had #15 Knights to Remember, but was beat out by a better design in the form of a celtic vampire; According to Jeff I was among the top 6 in #16 Progression; “I have to admit, I was really close to picking the Yank & Reb one.” stated Jeff in #33 Twins; In the top 5 of #46 Holy Moley; Almost got him banned from the library with my #48 The Circus is in Town entrant; Though it did poorly in the poll, was included among the top 6 in #61 Aries; Once again in the top 6 in #67 Two Great Tastes; Advanced from top 3 to top 2 in #71 In the Cards; and finally in Son of Son of Friday Night Fights was bested by a great machinist and our friend DiCicatriz.

I’ve quickly come to learn the important thing about these contests is to have fun and not put so much focus on winning. The enjoyment is creating and sharing among this great community of people, the ability to bring your imagination to life, to finally get your ideas into a visual concept and my favorite part about them is the challenge they present in creating something new, usually something I wouldn’t tackle on my own.