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@HK- I’d be open to bringing the Geek Quiz that I used to host on the forums over to the blog, but again that falls under the “things I had to stop because I ran out of ideas”, so I don’t know how long it would last. I could bring it back every so often though if it’s something people would like to see (just throwing that out there for anyone reading this). I like the idea of crossword puzzles, that’s definitely something I’d do if it could be done. As for good costume design, well, lets just say we’ve lost the mod who was most qualified to talk about such stuff and I’d probably end up just repeating myself each week like I did with COTW.

A lot of people have been asking for the Recipes/ Tips & Tricks to come back. I’m open to this idea, but it’d be nice to have some community participation like there was with the old Recipes. So I’m just going to put this one out there in the hope that maybe a few people show interest, would anyone be interested in putting together any guides to certain techniques in Heromachine for the blog (posing, unusual effects, colour fading, backgrounds, that sort of thing). It doesn’t have to be hugely long or intricate. I know there are a few people out there who I’d like to see Recipes by. Also if you have any suggestions for techniques you’d like to see guides on, I’ll take a look at those and see what I can do (if it’s a very specific request, a reference image might help as well so I know exactly what you are talking about).