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The Atomic Punk

@Blue Blazer said:

@The Atomic Punk said:

Sounds good. I would go with a “Two Great Tastes” format. Everyone submits an original character before a deadline. Once the judge compiles the list, entrants amalgate a new character from two of the choices. We get the benefit of seeing the original characters and the hybrids!

That’s a good idea, but I’m going to avoid it for two reasons:
1) It could take weeks before a suitable number of characters were submitted
2) I want everyone to have the freedom to come up with the most suitable second character he/she can.

1) Good point. I don’t think that would stop a handful of people from rapid-fire submissions of multiple characters that everyone can choose from. Personally, I’ve slowed down a lot on the original material. The Forums have exploded with eager talent! Ultimately, I agree that waiting too long to get enough entries would kill interest in the challenge.

2) Also a good point. I’m just not in a thinking mood and being lazy. It’s winter. I should be hibernating. Wink