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The Atomic Punk

@Blue Blazer said:

I mean, I have complete faith in all of you that a week is sufficient to get in an entry. But I don’t want to discourage anyone from entering. Feedback please.

Many sites like CGHUB, DeviantArt, Seventh Sanctum, Project Rooftop, etc., have month-long contests as well as on-going side projects. Even the 30 Characters’ rules say you don’t have to enter a character every day; rather, 30 anytime within the 30 days.

An Amalgam challenge is a big production that can sustain itself if done in the right format. The big buzz right now is the Forums. We have some really prolific creators, a few new members, and a lot of people running their own challenges. Which is great! It’s also like herding cats. Perhaps wrangle those little kitties back to the Blog.

How’s this for an Amalgam: use past Hero of the Month winners or even nominations. Pair the winners of January and February, March and April, etc. That is a decent size pool of ready creations and potential for some crazy, awesome stuff! Of course, you will probably want to seek permission of the HOTM winners.