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PhotobucketName: Dr. Randall Lee
Powers: ERG-2 can transform his body into an unknown form of energy. Erg is able to use the energy for various effects. Super strength, matter/energy manipulation, flight (FTL), and super speed, with extreme concentration
and expanding a vast amount of energy he can move in time and to other realms of reality.
Bio: Randall Lee was a member of the highly classified Sky Eye program. It is their job to watch for and handle alien incursions into earth space. The project was put into operation after the recovery of an alien craft in 1941.
Sky Eye had been able to detect the entrance of the being know as the Nexus into our reality. A plan was devised to tap into the back ground energy and use it for defense of earth. Sky Eye was able to contain a small amount of the energy for study. In an unknown process Dr Lee was transformed by contact with the energy, his body began to change into energy. Dr. Lee was able to design and build a suit to contain his energy form.

Dr Lee is a comic book fan, he choose his hero name based on Legion comics, and the fact that erg is a unit to measure energy released.
Erg can change from human to energy form, but must wear his suit, when in his energy form.