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PhotobucketName: Unknown
Alias: None
Title the Sentinel
Powers: ALL OF THEM / has the ability manipulate cosmic energy for virtually any use, with feats including size shifting, molecular manipulation,] space travel, intangibility, energy projection, virtual invulnerability,

March 31 2009 Colorado Springs, CO USA JPL deep space study center.
“Whatever it is it’s reading off the scale. on visual, at it’s distance we only have a dim light” “so what are we looking at?” Well we’ve seen these readings from black holes and similar readings from neutron stars.
April 1 2009 Big Valley CA NASA Sky Watch “Are you sure this is the same object?” “Yes Sir??” “Wait take your time before you answer you mean the object has traveled 20 light years in under 12 hours”” Ahh.. Yes sir object X-1” “Object X-1 ???” “Yes sir X-1 X because it is unknown and 1 because it is the 1st. any way it has traveled the distance, and we are getting some interesting readings. “ “Explain” “well its mass seems to be changing. It was the mass of Jupiter for the first 4 hours then it went to the mass of the moon. Then it stopped and we lost all mass and energy readings. “That’s impossible unless we’re dealing with an inelegant object.

April 2 2009 near the orbit of Pluto
I bring temporal focus on line, and start the process of spinning energy build up into the void. I pull my self down through 27 dimensions to now, and 50 levels of consciousness. I pull myself into a humanoid form. My awearness shifts to the third plant from the nearest star, I learn all major langues spoken there, and absorb all recorded history of the planet. I store the “human knowledge” and listen to what the planet has to say. I feel sad for the fourth planet it is almost dead.I reform my self they only have 2 legs and two eyes.
I have arrived, it is not too late The Nexus has been here and now THE SENTINEL has arrived.