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Fred Valentic
Super strength, enhanced speed and reflexes enhanced healing, enhanced vision. Energy manipulation near invurnability when in suit able to absorb or redirect energy attacks
A Bio-mechanical battle suit and genetic enhancements that are of extraterrestrial origin.
The bio suit is embedded in his genetic material. When in use it increases his “natural” and enhanced abilities
There is a war being fought in deep space. This war is being fought by four main groups. The Greys, the Reptilians, the Asiatic and /or Nordic (human looking) and the Browns. The Greys have been able to develop Bio-mechanical and genetic enhancements to be used in the war, these enhancements however tend to destroy the Greys that they are used on. Literally burning out their bodies in minutes. The Greys have discovered that some Earth humans have a genetic make up that allows their Bio-Tech to work.

World wide there are hundred’s of reports of alien abductions each year. Thousands of reports of this phenomenon have been recorded starting as far back as the late 1800s.
One of the most famous and noted abductions happened in 1961, to a married couple returning to Portsmouth, New Hampshire from a late season vacation. The couple noticed a light in the sky south of Groveton, New Hampshire. During their abduction genetic material was taken from them. This material was used to clone and develop the being that would become known as Warrior.
20-year-old Fred Valentic disappeared in unexplained circumstances while piloting a light aircraft over Bass Strait to King Island, Australia on October 21, 1978.
Prior to his disappearance, Valentic reported via radio that he had encountered an unidentified craft that flew at high speed dangerously close to his Cessna, and later hovered over his aircraft. The case attracted significant press attention and became part of UFO lore.
No trace of Fred or his aircraft was ever found, and a Department of Transport investigation concluded that the reason for the disappearance could not be determined.
The war in space is over (around 2002 reports of alien abductions start to fall off. The Warrior was the first “enhanced human” that has been allowed to return to Earth.
The Hero Known as Axiom is the second “enhanced human” to return to earth