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( file Oct 08-12..17.xyt service record sealed)
Mark Andrews Us Navy spec. ops. Ret.
Mark Andrews aka ARC-Light (ref arclight … Roswell… sky fall item: rosewell 1a4596 (need to know only)
Mark Andrews is the first human to wear the Arc-Light and live. Arc-Light is the name of the white crystal jewel item salvaged from one of the two crafts recovered at Roswell New Mexico 07/07/47. It took us ten years to open the case that contained item: Roswell 1a4596.
Within an hour 2 Techs. That touched the item bare handed were dead, and we had no idea what this thing was. Over the next three years we threw every thing at it we couldn’t cut it, break it, melt it, or anything else. In March 1960 some egg head came up with the idea to put the thing at ground zero of an A-Bomb test. The Jewel absorbed every drop of energy from the bomb. That’s when we started seeing some activity from the Jewel it would send out beams of white light whenever a person was close to it. We later found it was checking genetic material. During this time we noticed that the item reacted more to the guards and military personal more so than the lab techs and scientist.
We were able to find some volunteers A few we even got to actually have physical contact.
They all died within 24hrs. The guys in testing were amazed with the brief results. We had guys flying shooting energy from their eyes and hands a few showed super strength, but they all died screaming.
We stopped physical testing in 1978. In 1987 we moved the item from Testing Base 1A to Groom Lake. Mark Andrews was the Squad Leader for the security detail for the move. He reported hearing Arc-Light emitting sounds.
Mark Andrews was allowed within the testing area. The Arc-Light hovered as he entered the room and floated across the room to Mark Andrews. The device bathed the room in a bright white light, when we regained our sight Mark and the device were gone, and there was a six feet wide hole in the wall.

ATTACHED: letter of resignation andrews mark capt. Usn
Naval Special Warfare Command
Dear Sir
Please accept this letter as formal notification that I am leaving my position with Naval Special Warfare Command.
Thank you for the opportunities you have provided I if I can be of any assistance during this transition please let me known.
Mark Andrews
ArcLight II