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Name: Dr. Robert Meeker
Alias Land Warrior (aka) Sol-Jer

Powers: None
Equipment: Mark V LandWarrior Suit
Abilities high impact low weight flash armor, GPS tracking systems, online wearable computer, strength enhancing exoskeleton, enhanced vision/targeting system
70 gigawatt pulse fusion rifle with stun and grenade launcher

Dr. Robert Meeker was employed by the “SDA” (Strategic Defense Agency).
The SDA is an Ultra-Omega level agency. It operates several levels above the CIA, NSI, or FED. The agency was set up during the administration of Ronald Reagan. Its goal is to direct development of advanced weapons, and weapon systems. The work done by this agency has lead to the development of the F117, F22, JSF-35, the XX1A and the Aurora.
The Land Warrior program was run by Dr. Meeker, after getting the suit in operation he learned that the director of the SDA was being controlled by a foreign power. The director planned on turning the suit over to his controllers. Dr. Meeker took control of the suit. Photobucket