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Name: Jack Night
Aka: Midnight
Powers: enhanced healing enhanced vision, optimized strength, and martial arts master.
Devices implanted in body that allow information processing at above human levels
i.e. Photographic memory, pattern recognition
Device in suit that creates smoke screen. Midnight has total recall of every event in his life.

I am not an Event baby, freak, eventer, paranormal any of the other names given to those that have been touched by the Event storm. I am a human 100%, with some extra in the mix I have been enhanced without my consent. My change started before anyone knew about the Event Storm. In 1960 on April 1st was the first time I saw the lady and man in blue the were in the the nursery over my bed “this is the one. His physical and genetic make up falls in the correct percentile” Then a sting at the base of my skull, and every 5 years after 1 day after my Birthday they would visit.
At sixteen they explained to me that they were using the man’s temporal power to hold themselves and me outside of time for these visits. The lady was a scientist for The Commission over Paranormals and Supers (C.O.P.S)
I was being designed to combat a future threat, but there is a glitch in the plan I have not seen them since I was eighteen, and they never told me what the threat they were getting me ready for is..<span class=”bbcode_spoiler”>Photobucket</span>