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Excerpt from Capes magazine Issue 12 volume one
Reporter: your powers are??

Patrol Man: Flight, limited energy manipulation, class 100 strength, invurnability.

Reporter: what does class 100 strength mean??

Patrol Man: it is the rating system used by C.O.P.S (Commission Over Paranormals and Supers)
It is the ability to lift at least 100 tons

Reporter: could you share your origin with us?

Patrol Man: I was a police officer who volunteered for the enhanced powers program.

Reporter: That was the Governments program to make supers to police the supers??

Patrol Man: Yes, they were not having much success. They had a strength formula but every one who tried it went mad then died

Reporter: what about Mad Jack??

Patrol Man What about Mad Jack???

Reporter: Isn’t Mad Jack a result of the C.O.P.S. program

Patrol Man: I’m not sure about that. There is a rumor that he is a result of the program but no one knows for sure where he came from. Okay where was I??

Reporter: strength formula, people going mad and death…

Patrol Man: yea no real success the had tried radioactive insects, Gamma bombs, there was the suit of armor that they had limited success with. Let me see what else there was the android that burnt to a cinder every time they tried to use it…….. Photobucket