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Thanks All I will be slowly adding most of my old designs from the other forumMidnight-Star.png
Midnight Star is a cosmic guardian who has come to the Event Universe ( my heroes shared reality) due to the arrival of several other cosmic beings

Call us freaks, mutants, capes, or event babies. None of those names matter we are what we are. The event changed us, some for the better some for the worse.
We are the second generation of heroes to walk the Earth.
So you can understand let me give you some history. In 1932 In Metropolis Kansas (USA) a hero appeared seeming from no where. No one had every seen anything like him before. Able to fly, bend steel in his hands, see through walls.
Then after him in 1939 came The Detective clothed in the darkness he tamed the wild city of Gotham. Then came many more. They were gods on the earth.
Then in 1963 came The Event.
The sky changed from silver blue to bloody red, and fire seemed to fall from the sky, but not burn anything. Many thought this was the end of days. Within a few months the scientific community had traced the cause of the event to a strange cosmic storm
Traveling through our solar system.
It was 9 months later when the first Event Baby was born