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Name(s): Aaron Dell and Vorden000100100001111011000101100101
Alias : Union
Powers: Aaron Dell has event given TK powers which allow him to increase his mass and strength
Vorden000100100001111011000101100101 has the power to create any mechanical device that “they can think of”
they also are able to manipulate electromagnetic energy for various uses including flight, force shields , and energy blasts
Bio: Union is the human Aaron Dell and the mechanical organisms Vorden000100100001111011000101100101
on Vorden000100100001111011000101100101 all biological life is thought of as being inferior, to mechanical life
Vorden race is a warfaring one that seeks to destroy all bio-life in the galaxy. Vorden was a member of a group that felt machines and bio-life could exist together. Vorden escaped to Earth after the capture and execution of most of his group.
On Earth he was found by Aaron who was able to form a mental as well as physical bound.