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Name Lee Allen
Alias: Scare
Powers: ability to instill fear in others
Equipment: body armor, various tools such as lock picking equipment cutting tools, tracking devices, smoke bombs and various explosives Cape/ wings give limited flight/ glide abilities.
Abilities: Scare’s only superhuman power is his ability to induce fear into others. He has elevated himself to near superhuman status through rigorous training. He has obtained peak human strength, agility and skills in acrobatics.
Bio: Growing up a lot of kids want to be Superman, GL, Iron Man , or some other super powered hero, but me I wanted to be Batman. I really thought I had a chance and I started to train at a very early age. It helped that my parents had money not super rich, but enough that I could do what I wanted. I was also able over the years to grow my parent’s money into a very large nest egg. I don’t have to worry about making a living and can spend my time being a hero. The kicker to my story is that I got an event power not a big one but enough that I could live my dream.