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Tomb Stone “then”
Tomb Stone “now”
Has it been 10 years? 3650 days to the hour since I first stood in front of the Rosell Center. I have aged grown so much in these few years. Back then before the Night Crew, was killed. (God I miss them Night Phase, Twilight, Mid-Night Rose, and Late Night) We thought we could change the world thought we could make a difference, but I guess we were only playing heroes, wearing tights and capes.
10 years before the Rosell Center had put out the word the were looking for those with low level event powers, they said they could make us heroes. We found out too late the drugs did level up our powers but they caused us to burn out or go insane or both we all died but some how I came back. Now word is on the street that some one has started the Rosell
Project back up. Too bad for them they don’t know that Tomb Stone is back from the grave