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The American
Active during the late 1940’s.An experiment to create a super human fighting machine. The drug used on him gave him enhanced strength and endurance, but had the effect of increasing aggression. The drug caused The American to attack American soldiers. He lost his grip on his sanity and is thought to have died in the early 70’s

American Eagle II
Wears a power suit based on tech developed by the SDA for the Land Warrior and the flight suit known as X-MAG-1 (FA-1).The suit is worn by three different “pilots”

Sprit of America also known as The American Sprit
Little is known about this entity. He has been rumored to have been seen during several American wars… No sightings were reported from the late 60’s till Sept. 2001 He has been reported a number of times since.

Project America
He is a Cyborg fighting machine developed by the SDA. He has been used to fight crime in the United States

American Eagle III
His wings and suit is bases on nano tech. He is the step father of American Eagle I.
He started wearing the suit after his step son was injured.

The American II
He agreed to take part in a experiment to recreate the drug used to make The American I,
But in his case the drug actived his event power making him several times stronger and more stable than the original