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Charcoal got cut out of pic
Powerhouse Inc. is the hero group created and funded by multi-billionaire Adam Powerhouse. The group has two aliens: Atomic and Drax-Mar, however it is not known by the general public that they are alien. The other members all have Event-inspired powers. Adam Powerhouse as founder of Powerhouse Inc. will call on the group to provide protection and or interaction in his interests, Powerhouse Inc. field leader is Drax-Mar. The group has no police powers and usually does not involve itself in matters of local law enforcement (unless invited).

New Mexico, July 16, 1945, the 1st Earth Atomic bomb was detonated while scientists on Atomic’s homeworld were conducting the same experiment. The explosions opened a small rift in space and time and the being known as Atomic came into our world.
Powers: flight, enhanced strength, can alter the atomic make up of any material

War Bird
Armored sky warrior, mistress of the skies
Powers: The event has given War Bird technopathic ability (she understands all machines and technology that she comes into contact with). Her powers have allowed her to build the War Bird suit.

Only eighteen years old
Powers: Has the ability to tap into an extra-dimensional source. Void can exchange the mass of her body with matter from the source, she can also travel through the alter-dimension, appearing to teleport. Void can also use the source’s matter to lift objects (up to about 1000 lbs). Void can also envelope people in the source’s matter, leaving them cold and dazed.

Alien soldier who now plans for the day he will have to defend Earth from his former home. His rough exterior hides his compassionate soul.
Powers: enhanced intellect, flight super strength, invulnerable, can survive in the void of space

Heir to the Wainwright fortune. Enjoys his playboy lifestyle almost as much as being a hero.
Powers: super strength, enhanced stamina, enhanced speed, and enhanced healing

Is the sprit of the team. Spends his time off helping local law enforcement, sometimes with the help of Thunder. Is the only member to have police powers (special agent for C.O.P.S, Commission Over Paranormals and Supers)
Powers: can control his density and project heat. At his lowest density he can pass through solid objects. At heavy density he gains super strength. He is able to re-grow injured body parts when in Charcoal form.[/url]