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Storm Hawk
The Storm Maker
Growing up American Indian, (which we only call ourselves around the Bilagaana white people) my people call ourselves the people of the morning, and we are of a tribe unknown to those who stand in the world. The story of our origin says we were made to mix with all the tribes of the world. I can still recall the stories of my Great Grandfather,  one day the storm from beyond the world will come and man will be given power as gods and then will the Protector the Wind Walker the Spirit Man the Sun, and the Storm Maker come to be and the shall fight all the evil ones. I loved the stories and the idea that we were special. A tribe that only we knew of, but as I grew older I walked away from the old stories to take my place in the modern world to work and live among the whites. Then came THE EVENT and gods did walk the earth> I have been blessed to be one of them I have been remade as the Storm Maker… the being known as Storm Hawk
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