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Star Flight Star Flight
]Name: Star Flight
Alter ego: Nolan Matterson
Species: Human/Event enhanced
Team Affiliations: None
Abilities: Invulnerability, flight, energy manipulation, super strength precognition/energy/cosmic awareness

The total extent of Star Flight’s powers is unknown, but they are immense. Star Flight can fire blasts of an unknown light/ photonic energy, generate solid constructs of light fly at the speed of light, and survive in the vacuum of space. His senses, especially eyesight, are enhanced to a superhuman degree; in addition, his powers give him an ability to read energy in his environment, and he can track energy trails across intergalactic distances.
He has superhuman strength (able to lift up to 2 tons) and durability, and can enhance his strength with light energy; He seemingly has precognition but it is really his ability to read energy and energy patterns.