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Royal Damage I<span class=”bbcode_spoiler”></span>
Name: Harold Jenner
Alias: Royal Damage
Powers: Technokinesis
Equipment: suit of armor belonging to the Iron Knight

Harold Jenner had always been a small timid person. Not the guy picked last, but the guy never picked. Harold has been ignored his whole life. His small size and inability to be noticed has left him with an over whelming anger.
The Event effect changed Harold giving him the ability to fix any type of machine and or machine system. Harold also developed the ability to Morph machinery, but his body remained the same. This caused the anger in him to grow even more.

Harold was at the site of a fight between the original Iron Knight and The Gang of Six.
He was able to recover a large portion of the Iron Knight armor.
Using his abilities he was able to morph the suit into The Royal Damage battle suit.
The armor has grafted to Harold’s body and can not be removed.
Royal Damage’s goal is to destroy all that he feels has done him wrong. His hit list includes heroes, villains, governments, even corporations.

Royal Damage II<span class=”bbcode_spoiler”></span>