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Right now I’m thinking the things that go through your head, at the oddest times. Here I am 10,000 feet over the city, thinking if I should have called myself Destroyer, The Destroyer, or Anvil. It’s a good thing I can multitask, because I finally got both boot jets running, and my nav system up. I’m still fighting to get weapons back on line. Primary power systems are arcing across the board; secondary systems are only up to 75%.
Okay scanning for incoming targets, cool nothing there ( run quick check make sure system is up) My mind shifts gears just three hours ago I’m thinking yea Destroyer is a good name., and now that the suit is running at 100% . I’ll just go out on a patrol see what trouble I can get into take out a bad guy or two. I had no idea I would run into Max Doom, Reaper, and The Killer.
Okay mute all system alarms, display only. Okay secondary power @ 100%. Primary at 80%. Reroute 50% secondary power to weapons… weapons back on line positive ping at two o’clock 2000 feet out. Its Max Doom good I’m ready this time I’m gonna teach them why they call me The Destroyer.