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Participant Karl Elton
Alias: Prime
Aka: American Force, Action Man, The Man of the future, The Guy of Iron
Powers: before 1941 superhuman strength that allowed him to lift about 3 tons, ability to run at speeds up to 150 mph and leap one-eighth of a mile, extremely resistant to physical damage.
After 1941 flight, super-strength, invulnerability, super-speed, vision powers (including x-ray, heat, telescopic, infra-red, and microscopic vision), super-hearing, and super-breath.

Bio: Karl Elton was born in a small town in Kansas around 1900. His parents raised him to be truthful and hard working. The first sign of Karl’s abilities began to surface around the time he was thirteen. Karl was quick to let his parents know about his abilities. Which they instructed him to keep hidden, and that in due time his true purpose and role in the world would be revealed. At seventeen with his parent’s permission he was allowed to join the US Marines to fight in The Great War (World War One). During his time in Europe He was in combat many times, his fellow Marines assumed he was just luckily because of his ability to escape unharmed. Following the war Karl returned to his family farm, where he tried to live a simple quiet life. In 1941 after the US entered World War Two, Karl again joined the Marines. Chronology Karl was 41 years old but he appeared to be around 19 or 20.During the war his commanding officer became aware of his abilities, which by this time were increasing as he used them more. Karl was first given the code name American Force, and was used on numerous missions. During late 1945 Karl was in Japan in Hiroshima on a mission to free POW in the area before the dropping of the atomic bomb. When he saw the flash using his leaping ability he went to the site of the explosion. His body absorbed radiation from the site and his powers doubled. Karl was able to find out about the bombing of Nagasaki. He felt he would be able to survive the blast and if it further increased his powers he would be able to do more.
Karl had miscalculated the effect his powers increased beyond his ability to control them.
He blindly flew into space. Karl has just returned to earth in 2008, he has taken the name Prime, and he feels it is his duty to show this generation of heroes what it truly means to be a hero.