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Name: Michael “Morty” Draven
Alias: Death’s Hand
Age: 40
Occupation: Bio-chemist researcher
Affiliation: Villain/Neutral
Abilities: Poison/Paralysis by touch, poison and venom resistance, super healing factor.
Bio: Morty was a research scientist working specifically with animal, insect and reptile venom, to test for adverse effects and to design treatments and anti-venoms. During a routine experiment a freak accident happened, and a whole shelf of preserved venoms and poisons came crashing down on him. The amount shouldve killed him many times over however because he was so used to working with such fluids it actually boosted his immune system to unheard of levels, as a side effect, any living being he touched bacame instantly paralysed due to such high concentration of venoms in his skin. Shocked of this at first he realised he could not go back to normal society and fled to the underworld, he eventually emerged as Deaths Hand, as a hired assassin with a deadly touch.